7 | OCTOBER 15th ’23

7th EDITION - OCTOBER 15th 2023

In partnership with Foufounes Electriques.
Artwork by Sad People Club
Event gifts sponsored by Civilian Screen Printing & No Gloss
see below for vendor information.



Tattooed pottery.

Pizza Chez Dede

Pizza maker & brand

Karolina Von Limor

Illustrator inspired by retro kitsch and tattoos, Karolina Von Limor invites you into her dark and playful world.

Lovestruck Prints


Find images that are funny, tender and relatable - while challenging heteronormative views - on stickers, t-shirts, prints & more!

Raw Cult

Clothing (Brand)

Dead Champion

Clothing (Brand)

Motorcycle clothing and accessories.


Tocb, founded in 2011, we bring together a repertoire of alternative taxidermy artists and creations made with love of nature.



Anchorsand is a fearless lifestyle brand born on the internet for the not so easily offended. If we don't sin, Jesus died for nothing.⁠

Slam Disques/ Hell for Breakfast

Record label

Mythic French Rock label based in Montréal, with 40,000 discs sold, 125 videoclips shot and 1000 shows promoted and still counting!

Dipped in Poison


Dipped in Poison is a Jewelry and clothing brand. Each piece is hand carved in wax before being cast into Sterling Silver.

CBP Soaps

Personal Care

CBP sells products for the bath and to make your self care routine out of the ordinary! Vegan, palm oil and cruelty free.

Good Chill


Angry clothing for chill people

94 Celcius

Coffee Roaster

Every sip of 94 Celcius coffee reflects our values and vision #NeverBitterAlwaysRight

Death by Coffee

Clothing (Brand)

For all hardcore fanatics of the unholy dark decoction. No Milk. No Sugar.⁠

Devil’s Toy Co.


100% handmade skateboards, all unique and weird. We also make baseball bats.

Low Life Mtl

Roller skate shop

Lowlife is the one and only roller skate shop in Montreal, owned by our favorite queer friends Mange and Cheese!



CollabInk is a platform that regroup artist around the world in one point of sales and it promote them.

The Witch’s Nest

Witchy art from the peaceful woods of St-Elie-de-Caxton.



Alternative jewelry, empowering you through adornment!

Tricia Robinson


Tricia Robinson is an illustrator and labour rights activist based in Montreal, selling her work as prints, postcards, stickers and pins.

Deux Becs


A counter culture in the world of pastry. We are Deux Becs.

Rainy Day Renegade


Rainy Day Renegade is your one stop shop for silly stickers!

Akira Auger Art


Akira Auger is the artist behind http://www.trashmerch.ca, which specializes in screen-printed patches and linocuts.

Pew Pew Kid

Illustrated stuff on objects in all the shades of pink from space but sometimes not. ⁠

Brook – Bar à café et pizza


Founded in 2021, Brook is a neighborhood pizzeria where the quality of ingredients and love are put forward.



Fatigué is an inclusive, community-open space built on the belief that high trend vintage fashion should be accessible to everybody.

Doomsday Machine


Doomsday Machine is a Montreal based motor Cult. We continue to build a community around the love of Motorcycles, Music and DIY Living.

A Banshee in the Attic

Clothing (Brand)

Silk screening and screenprinting of Forgotten Arts & Peculiar Prints.

Leftwing Books

Book Publisher

Since 1998, Kersplebedeb has been a source or books and zines about anarchism, communism, anti-racism, feminism, queer liberation and more!



Art director and illustrator

Eddy’s Mini-Mart


Roadside attractions & retro junk for professional roadtrippers.

Frosted Skateboards


Clothing and skateboard company that greatly encourages Montreal's skateboard and graffiti scene.

Nighttime Nicholas

Nighttime Nicholas creates bizarre animal specimens with a 130 years old process!

Thousand Islands Records

Offering "In-House PR" and digital distribution via Itunes, Bandcamp, GooglePlay, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and over 150 other platforms.⁠

Justine Zimmerman


Justine is a designer, illustrator, and tattoo artist based in Montreal.



quality products and timeless designs; sterling silver jewelry and accessories inspired by nature, history and a boundless future

Moonstone & Myth

Personal Care

Moonstone and Myth is a witchy home and lifestyle brand, inspired by occultism, mythology, botanicals and alt culture.

Ambre Noire


Handmade jewelry with love, harmonizing ancestral craftsmanship (Amazigh), the temporality of nature and the alchemy of textures.

Broke & Stoked

Clothing (Brand)

Celebrating the joys and consequences of living a worry-free life.



Fiber artist making hand-embroidered accessories, tufted wall decorations and screen-printed apparel. Inspired by alt music & nature.


Artist & illustrator based in Montreal, TØ creates posters, screen prints, patches and zines between visual metaphor and creative escape.

Drop Dead Candles


Drop Dead Candles is a collection of handmade candles and housewares created with weirdos and oddballs in mind.



Femporium's vocation: Empower the divine badassery in all of us, a.k.a Dark Feminine Energy, through it's creations!

Slime City Toys


Handcrafted resin toys and monsters

Dreaming of Flora


Photographie florale, des crânes en cristal sélectionnés et des bijoux en laiton faits à la main inspiré des fleurs dans le noir.



We transform old vinyl records into unique, eco-friendly art pieces. Sustainability is our priority!

Lili Land


alternative jewelry to unleash your true self. made for the queens, the queers and everything else in between.



digital illustrator grimgimp sells prints, stickers and more that caters to those who are in the mood for something that is joyfully grim.

House of Pink


House of Pink is an art brand that expresses a love of horror, nostalgia, and retro culture, all neatly wrapped in a cute, pink bow.

Sixes & Sevens


Paintings, prints, stickers, and more applying classic traditional tattoo designs to handmade, vintage and wooden items! #JustDoMore

Ghouls & Glitters


Alternative jewellery and home decor for the weirdos & the occult lovers, For the witches & the outcasts.

Chaotique Vetement

Clothing Maker

Chaotic child who doesn't know what he's doing! Textile recycling⁠ - Funky shirt⁠ - DIY Clothing - Fuck single use⁠ - Fuck the police.

Graveyard Wanders

Candle Maker

Graveyard Wanders designs their own unique molds to create hauntingly delightful scents & home decor for dark souls.

Lyn Lee


Lyn Lee specializes in angry, modern handstitched embroidery, centered in themes of activism for the poor and working class.

Mesh o’ clock


Production of DIY and inclusive lingerie for marginalized communities!

Little Bell Oddities


Little Bell Oddities creates ethically-sourced oddities art, fused with antiques in a witchy and whimsical style.

Mala mtl


Curated and circular thrift shop for plus size baddies.

Last Rites Vintage


Last Rites Vintage (est. 2014) is proud to be the largest and longest-running alternative vintage clothing shop in North America.

Black Daisies Jewelry


otherworldly and hand-sculpted talisman jewelry based in Montreal

La Spectre


Amandine is an illustrator and tattoo artist, living in Montreal of French-Algerian Amazigh origin.


Clothing (Brand)

Clothing for fans of speed, danger and the smell of gasoline.

Good Enough


Donates its profits to Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council and spreading awareness of mental illness and suicide prevention.